Friday, June 19, 2015

The End

It is with great regret that this will be my final blog. This year has been a tough one for both Julie and I with massive changes in our personnel life (we are still very much happily married might I add) and our work life's, some for the better some for the worse! 
Julie and I still very much enjoy flying Tandem, although I think we have only managed one flight on it this year and XC flying is still a passion but will probably be curtailed for the rest of the year. Time is just so short that I will not be able to do this with any conviction which is a big shame as I have loved telling the yarn and posting my pictures. I will still be on the usual social media so you know were to find me.
With that, stay safe and fly high.......

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cox Tor

Epic flying on Cox Tor, Dartmoor. Strong climbs, rough air, nice and extreme, just the way I like it. I struggled to get down after an hour and a half, had to big ears and spiral!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Record running

Fantastic day yesterday accompanying Mark Berry on his record attempt to run the 630miles of the south west coast path in 13 days, I completed 15 miles with Mark and had a ball. What an inspirational guy, fantastic runner and new friend for life - I get the feeling he may be dragging me towards my first ultra marathon!!!
 Mark and one of his support crew Ally
Mark and I enjoying the view from Stoke Point, the weather was very kind to us!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cox Tor

Nice hours flying up on Dartmoor, pretty overcast but still very bouyant. I had 2 nice climbs one with a Red Kite - looks like we have a pair living in the Cox Tor area - great news

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Hartbreaker

So thats it the Hartland Hartbreaker is done, 18.5 miles of trail and mud, 3700ft of ascent, to many river crossing to remember, 2 rope climbs and the field's of Doom, oh my god the fields of doom!!!! Anyway it was great to run with some of my fellow muddies and I managed a time of 3.43. Not bad seeing its the toughest race in the south west and as everyone keeps telling me, way tougher than a road marathon 

Monday, April 6, 2015

King Tor

Today turned out to be a really nice season opener XC wise with a flight of 43km in the bag on my new wing. The M6 performs beautifully both climbing and gliding, it is possible to stand it up on a tip in the core which was not really possible on the M4 due to its very flat turning circle. The glide also seems much better with the wing almost instinctively turning towards any lift that is around. The feed back is very good, both brake and bar pressure are light and she is a delight to control on the rear risers. All in all a very very very good wing. 
As for the flight, the climbs were good and strong on the moor but dropped notably in strength once off the high ground. I did not encounter any turbulence, entry and exit of thermals was as smooth as you expect for the lively spring air. Crossing the Moor was fairly easy apart from a lowish save just after Bellever Tor then leaving the Moor was even easier, I got a screamer on the edge of Burrator Reservoir all the way to 3200ft above launch about 4500ft above sea level . Unfortunately the way the sky was developing in front of me as I moved west was taking me more and more south towards the sea breeze convergence, which today was a bad thing. Catching a screamer in the convergence was fun but in my heart of hearts I knew that it was to late for me to push back in land to the good air, never mind. I enjoyed the convergence then blasted out on bar trying to catch the next cloud but failed and went to land in Blunts. As I landed Innes flew over the top of me on his final glide for another 5k or so!
 Above launch
 At base above King Tor looking East
Crossing the Moor
 Prince town on the right, Burrator of the Left 
 In the sea Breeze convergence approaching the Tamar
 As above!
 Convergence selfie
 Great views of the Tamar and on to Plymouth
 The Tamar
 Chasing inland
My landing field - which had a speed boat in it - random!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Good flying on the Moor today with my new wing. Base was only 1500ft above launch so not an XC day but had an hours flying before it went light. 
The M6 climbs and turns much better than the M4 with very good speed and performance on bar. I had one little moment, a frontal I think but automatically sorted it out before I had chance to look up. She came out with a right bang and shot forward like it was on fire - all good fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Dusted off the Tandem and flew at Maker in perfect conditions with Bondy and his Peak 3......

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

King Tor

Great flying today on Dartmoor. 
Once above a couple of hundred feet it was easy to stay up. Innes and I boated around for over an hour in 5ups climbing out to a good 1000ft, before the wind went off to the east. 
We flew back and landed at the cars - bonus!
 Great thermals even with the high cirrus
 King Tor
Over the back
 Boating around
 Innes Powell